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The Discovery

In October 2020, I began to have discomfort on my right side, associated with digestive problems, sudden diarrhea, and linear mid-back night pains. But nothing that prevented me from going about my daily work and family life, the discomfort would go away if I did stretches or leaned on something warm. The tests were all fine. I got the suspicion that there was something abnormal from the doctor who did my ultrasound in late November. He advised me to urgently have a CT scan with contrast agent. The diagnosis came on December 2, 2020, “pancreatic adenocarninoma.”
When I got the diagnosis, I understood from the way the doctors talked about how important TIME was. “You have to run …One week makes a difference,” they said!
I started chemotherapy on December 21, 2020, and I am still undergoing treatment today. Early detection is so important because this cancer is silent fast and aggressive, so … you have to run!!!

This is My Story


The Impact of Time

The concept of time today for me is “The Time that Remains,” is a concept that each of us should have. My day must be good. It is not always easy because events sometimes are adverse, but I always like to try to find and see something positive in my daily … it is a matter of training!
Today the weather is rich …. Full of family, work, friends, physical activity and research projects.
With the Nadia Valsecchi Foundation, which is part of the coalition, I am organizing the 2nd Purple Walk in my country to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer, and I am concretizing a project to support and share about our daily lives among patients that I hope will bear fruit in the future.
I live well in the present and think about the future by setting goals and thinking about new projects that can raise more awareness of the disease, can give resources to research and can make me and other patients feel good.
I live today and have many moments of serenity and happiness.