Pancreatic Cancer Canada supporters gather at a recent walk.

Pancreatic Cancer Canada (PCCF) is focused on fighting pancreatic cancer through research, awareness, education and advocacy. Its goals are to improve overall patient survival rates and support those who are affected by this deadly disease. Since its inception in 2006, PCCF has invested nearly $4 million in research at cancer centers across Canada — funding studies that look at early detection, treatment and improved patient outcomes.


In November 2017, PCCF launched its first and very successful national awareness campaign: “Assumptions Can Be Deadly.” A bold and direct campaign, Assumptions created a momentum and dialogue in the public sphere that PCCF is determined to maintain and elevate in 2018 and beyond. The facts of this predatory cancer are unacceptable and PCCF is committed to changing the script for people diagnosed with this disease. The organization has engaged a global public relations firm to help mobilize efforts in converting awareness to ACTION. They will do this together with the community they support, donors, researchers, allied partners and media.


Pancreatic Cancer Canada has a table at Google Giving Day.

This is why the Demand Better campaign is so relevant to PCCF. It is an opportunity for likeminded groups to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity for those lost to pancreatic cancer and a way to bring everyone’s voices together to communicate the urgency. PCCF is proud to be a part of the campaign as a united front and to show those they serve that they are working hard to make good on their promises to them.

One of PCCF’s goals with the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition is to elevate collaborations for corporate and industry partnerships. They believe there is immense opportunity for their groups collectively, and when coupled with their common objectives and vision, there is potential for far-reaching impact. PCCF is grateful for the generosity of so many partner groups in the Coalition who share across geography and borders so that all succeed together.


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