Israeli team running to defeat Pancreatic Cancer.

The Israeli Association for Pancreatic Cancer is a non-profit organization. The association was founded in August 2019, by a group of volunteers who have been exposed to pancreatic cancer, in various ways. Among them are family members of past and present patients – all mobilized to work together for a common goal. The team at LoveLove has dedicated their time and energy working for the community of pancreatic cancer patients and their families. The organization is part of the international community for the fight against pancreatic cancer, WPCC.

The goals of the association:

  • Increasing awareness of the disease and symptoms among the Israeli public.
  • Access to reliable information in Hebrew about the disease, treatment methods and innovations in the field.
  • Providing support, guidance and assistance to patients and families.
  • Raising donations for the fight against pancreatic cancer in Israel.