EuropaColon Slovakia was founded in May 2007 as a nonprofit organization for patients with colorectal carcinoma and their families. Epidemiological data for cancer and years of experiences with patients motivated the organization to expand its target, and in 2014, EuropaColon Slovakia joined the European Pancreatic Cancer Multi-Stakeholders Platform. At that time, the organization also established a new alliance, “Say No To Pancreatic Cancer” in Slovakia. The mission is to spread awareness and evidence-based facts about pancreatic cancer prevention, as well as the benefits of early detection. The organization lobbies for availability of diagnosis and new treatments for patients with pancreatic cancer.

For those affected by cancer, the organization provides a helpline and special personal psychosocial support in patient support centers in two major oncological institutes in Slovakia. Its volunteers, former patients, are professionally prepared to support newly diagnosed patients in those centers two times per week and mostly discuss psychological problems, social issues, treatment, side effects and nutrition after diagnosis.

The organization connects all stakeholders — patients, healthcare providers, medical and pharmaceutical companies and politicians to lobby for patients´ rights and importance of prevention and early detection.

A EuropaColon Slovakia patient support center in action