Pancreatic Cancer Action is a UK charity whose aim is to save lives by focusing on improving early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

The charity was set up by a pancreatic cancer survivor, Ali Stunt, three years after her diagnosis in 2007.  Having been involved in setting up the very first UK Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Week in 2009, she decided it was time to step up the levels of awareness for pancreatic cancer and founded Pancreatic Cancer Action in 2010.

The team at Pancreatic Cancer Action with founder Ali Stunt seated, second from right.

The charity has grown exponentially in seven years and now employs 14 staff members. Stunt is regularly featured in the media and holds positions in varying societies/initiatives representing pancreatic cancer and Pancreatic Cancer Action across the world.

Our main areas of focus are:

  • We launch nationwide (and in some cases worldwide) awareness campaigns through the media, social networks, leaflets and posters, to try to make both men and women more aware of pancreatic cancer and its symptoms.
  • We develop e-learning modules for healthcare professionals to educate them and help them spot the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer at the earliest stages.
  • We fund a variety of research projects that are focussed on unique and innovative ways to test for pancreatic cancer at the earliest stages.
  • We work with other charities and key stakeholders in the UK and globally to help push pancreatic cancer up the political agenda and campaign for more funding and better treatments.


We have also developed e-learning modules for pharmacists and support staff to help support the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

We believe community pharmacy teams play a vital role in the early detection of cancer, and our new National Pharmacy Association-accredited digital learning modules have been specifically developed to help them learn more about the most common symptoms of pancreatic cancer. This will help pharmacists and support staff identify when urgent referral to the GP is required, which could potentially save a life.

A Pancreatic Cancer Action bus stop sign raises awareness.

Since the inaugural meeting in 2016, the WPCC has achieved a great deal and we have developed strong relationships with the members.  We are looking forward to working together in 2018 to develop new and engaging global campaigns by integrating our activity, teams and support bases, building on what we have learned from the coalition’s previous campaigns.

The theme of “Demand Better” resonates with all of us at Pancreatic Cancer Action. We hear daily of people being diagnosed too late for surgery. We want to “Demand Better” survival rates for pancreatic cancer through a government-led public awareness campaign, more research funding and by providing general practitioners with the tools required to diagnose patients in primary care.