Kenner Family Research Fund (KFRF) was established in 2013 by family and friends in memory of Peter Kenner, who died just two months following his diagnosis of pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer. KFRF is committed to supporting the development of an early detection protocol for pancreatic cancer by building strong relationships and strategic alliances with research, government, industry and philanthropic stakeholders. Efforts are focused on outcomes that will positively impact the time of diagnosis, length of survival and quality of life.

Barbara Kenner, PhD, founded Kenner Family Research Fund after the death of her husband to pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer.

At the Early Detection of Sporadic Pancreatic Cancer Summit Conference (2014), guided strategic conversations among the invited participants led to new ideas for ongoing scientific collaboration and the formulation of an initial Strategic Map for Innovation. Specific recommendations included screening asymptomatic individuals; restricting screening to enriched high risk groups; the development of biomarkers of PanIN3 and early invasive pancreatic cancer; and novel imaging approaches.

Subsequent forums, including Early Detection: Lessons Learned from Other Cancers (2015) and Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer: The Role of Industry in the Development of Biomarkers (2016), focused in specific aspects of early detection. The published articles that result from these collaborative forums have provided a broader reach of information to the pancreatic community. Most recently (2018), KFRF has published on the topic of depression and anxiety as a precursor for earlier interception of pancreatic cancer. In addition, KFRF is actively involved in the Early Detection Initiative, a research project studying new onset of diabetes as a potential indicator of pancreatic cancer, as well as the GENERATE ( research project, which focuses on genetic mutations.  Other collaborative efforts involve the National Cancer Institutes and the American Pancreas Association.

Kenner, far left, moderated a panel discussion about pancreatic cancer research at the WPCC Annual Meeting in 2019.

Included in KFRF’s effort to promote collaboration is its active participation in the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition (WPCC), whose members consistently serve as a source of inspiration.

For more information, visit the Kenner Family Research Fund website and follow them on Twitter.