What is
World Pancreatic Cancer Day?

Say “Hello Pancreas”

We say “Hello Pancreas” to get to know the pancreas better. To understand where it is in our bodies and what important functions it serves.

For ourselves.

For our loved ones.

We say “Hello Pancreas” to learn the risks and symptoms.

We say “Hello Pancreas” to be able to talk to our family about this disease.

Say “Hello Pancreas”

On World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2023, say “Hello Pancreas”. Make a difference.

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Say “Hello Pancreas” to join all of us around the world as we raise awareness for the fight against the world’s toughest cancer. The World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition, consisting of more than 100 organizations from over 40 countries and six continents, is here to help. We are elevating global awareness, inspiring action, bringing greater attention, advocacy, and better outcomes to this deadly disease. Last year, with your support, we helped raise awareness for a disease that desperately needs more attention and progress to help patients fight and survive.