The Swiss Pancreas Foundation (SPF), headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, is an independent non-profit providing help for those suffering from pancreatic diseases. Founded in 2007, SPF has the following goals:

  • To advise and inform the Swiss population on the growing problem of pancreatic disorders and pancreatic cancer. To provide the many people affected, along with their treating doctors, with missing information on specialists, along with centers specializing in pancreatic treatment.
  • To support research projects into pancreatic illnesses.
  • To increase knowledge about pancreatic ailments by organizing medical events and congresses.

To fulfill these goals, the SPF regularly organizes events open to the public, grants scholarships for young health professionals and provides financial support to different research projects.

Most importantly, and at the heart of the SPF, is the World Pancreas Forum. This international scientific meeting, in its third year, will take place in Bern Feb. 5-7, 2020. New research pertaining to the treatment of pancreatic neoplasia is presented. In the future, the World Pancreas Forum is scheduled to take place as an annual meeting alternating between China, the United States and Switzerland.