22 SEP + 29 SEP + 6 OCT 2022
Virtual Annual Meeting


The 2022 Annual Meeting will again be held virtually for one more year before we return to an in-person meeting next year in Los Angeles, California. Please review the Q&A below, but also feel free to email us directly with any other questions you have.

Q: Where will the 2022 WPCC Annual Meeting be held?
A: Virtually, online using the same interactive platform as last year, called Remo. Last year’s attendees will remember that our online event space allows us to provide a level of engagement and “socializing” on a more human level. Once again in 2022, we’ll also have time to connect in the roof top networking lounge before and after the daily events.

Q: Why should I attend the 2022 WPCC Annual Meeting?
A: Great question and there are 4 great answers:

  1. Learn the latest in pancreatic cancer science from global experts.
  2. Get a preview of the 2022 World Pancreatic Cancer Day campaign.
  3. Celebrate the winners of the 1st Annual WPCC Awards.
  4. Reconnect with (or meet new) colleagues and friends from our growing network of members.
  5. Receive an invitation to attend our in-person 2023 Annual Meeting!
    ***Only WPCC members who attend the 2022 Virtual Annual Meeting will receive an invitation for the 2023 Annual Meeting to be held in Los Angeles, California USA***

Q: Must I attend the 2022 Virtual Annual Meeting in order to receive receive an invitation to the 2023 WPCC Annual Meeting held in-person?
A: Yes. A great deal of work from a great number of people goes into preparing our annual meeting whether it is held virtually or in person and we expect all members to attend and participate. In order for WPCC members to receive the benefit of attending our in-person Annual Meeting next year in Los Angeles, California we are connecting the invitation to your full attendance at the Virtual Annual Meeting in 2022.

Q: Why will the meeting be held on 3 consecutive Thursdays instead of 3 days in a row like last year?
A: Feedback from 2021 indicated there was a level of fatigue for many attendees (especially those in Eastern Europe and Asia/Pacific) after several late nights or early mornings. By spreading the 3 Annual Meeting sessions over 3 weeks, we’ll also have more time to integrate outcomes/learning from each week into the next.

Q: How will I get into the Remo platform virtual meeting?
A: We will send all necessary login details via email to everyone who registers for the Annual Meeting.

Q: What will I need to attend the event?
A: It is critical to ONLY JOIN the Annual Meeting using a desktop or laptop computer. It is not possible to join the Remo platform using your smartphone or tablet. By doing so you will create a negative impact for all other attendees. Also, please have access to a good quality internet connection and a web camera with microphone. Remember to have your computer plugged in during the meeting … and drink plenty of water.

Q: What is the attire for the meeting?
A: Purple Business Casual! Please dress comfortably in business casual (at least from the waist up!). As always, we encourage you to surround yourself in purple.

Q: How many attendees are allowed to attend from each Coalition Member Organization?
A: Due to limited space on the virtual platform, we can only accommodate two attendees per WPCC organization. However, key general sessions from the meeting will be recorded to share afterwards with others on your team.

Q: How many invitations will my organization receive for the 2023 WPCC Annual Meeting planned for Los Angeles, California?
A: As done in previous years, the WPCC will sponsor ONE attendee from each member organization to attend our 2023 Annual Meeting held in Los Angeles, California. Member organizations are welcome to bring more attendees at their own expense. Separate arrangements will be made for 2023 speakers and others with production roles on a case by case basis.  ***Only WPCC members who attend the 2022 Virtual Annual Meeting will receive an invitation for the 2023 Annual Meeting to be held in Los Angeles, California USA***

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: We understand that something may come up which will require you to cancel your registration to the Annual Meeting. If that happens, please try to find an alternate attendee from your organization. Otherwise, we ask you to let us know as soon as possible so that we can open it up to others. Please also remember that your attendance at the 2022 Virtual Annual Meeting is connected to your invitation to the 2023 Annual Meeting to be held in Los Angeles, California next September.

Q: Will any 2022 sessions be recorded for later viewing?
A: All General Sessions and Zoom Meetings will be recorded and available to watch on our YouTube by mid-October.

Q: What will be on the menu in the Roof Top Networking Lounge?
A: That’s up to you, but we recommend having healthy snacks, water and caffeine handy during the working sessions.