Kelly’s Heroes, founded in 2016, gives pancreatic cancer patients hope to live with pancreatic cancer. Their work is inspired by Steve Kelly, an editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer, much-loved family man and friend to many. After he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer at age 53, Steve participated in two clinical trials, advancing what we know about this terrible disease and creating opportunities for pancreatic cancer patients today and tomorrow. That legacy lives on in the Steve Kelly Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research at Johns Hopkins.

Steve Kelly lived with pancreatic cancer for 22 months after his diagnosis. In those 22 months, he white-water rafted and ziplined in Costa Rica; ran a 5K with his daughter; and donned his kilt and poured the Guinness at his annual St. Patrick’s Day bash. Even with stage 4 cancer, he lived with a capital L.

Writing for the Inquirer, Steve said, “Sooner rather than later, these dedicated medical professionals will develop cures for cancer. I would love to be here when it happens.”

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Ongoing Projects

Kelly’s Heroes’ efforts support two priorities: clinical trials that give patients greater treatment options and research into an early detection test. Their fund-raising primarily supports the work of three Hopkins’ physicians – Drs. Dung Le and Lei Zheng who were part of Steve’s care team, and researcher Dr. Bert Vogelstein. They’re world-renowned researchers as well as caring, compassionate physicians who keep Kelly’s Heroes updated on their work.

 Kelly’s Heroes considers their work as taking care of Steve’s unfinished business.

They are grateful to be a member of the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition and for the support and inspiration shared among its members.

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