Craig’s Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society

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Since its inception, this grassroots organization has grown into a national charitable society recognized for its national education and awareness campaigns and for supporting patients and caregivers. Additionally, with our fundraising efforts, we support pancreatic cancer researchers from all over Canada. To achieve this, we have literally cycled mountains, walked for miles, jumped off wharfs, and lit up the night with fireworks.

Craig’s Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society was formed in 2006 after Craig Schurman Condon passed away at the age of 63, eight weeks after diagnosis. We have four pillars that guide all of our work: Awareness, Education, Research and Support. Every one of our projects focuses on one or more of these pillars. We are excited about our many upcoming fall awareness events, our national physician education campaign, our Knowledge Bank initiative for research and our ongoing patient support programs.

Working with the WPCC has been amazing. We get support and the opportunity to collaborate with organizations from around the world. For every new project, we look to see if organizations may have done something similar and can offer their advice.

The asset map that has been created also allows us to direct patients to the resources they need wherever they live.

Already looking forward to Florida 2018!

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