My Story is about Annamaria, my mum


This event took place from 10/01/2017 to 05/06/2018


The Discovery

My mum vomited a night without any reason and she had pain in the back. She was a very precise person, no smoke, no drinks, always in movement so she didn’t understand why she felt so paintful that night.


This is My Story

We must increase prevention on this cancer. The majority of time it is too late and this is unacceptable. And also a surgery is not that common because the pancreas cannot be removed 100%


The Impact of Time

In 8 months my mum passed away. When she discovered she had a pancreatic cancer was too late. We were shocked, confused, scared and angry. The cancer didn’t give any kind of symptoms before that night. She never showed symptoms. I really want to be back in time to hug my beloved mum again. She was also not that old to have this kind of cancer (56 years old).