My Story is about My dad, Fernando


The Discovery

My dad was first diagnosed as diabetic, which came as a shock to my family. A month later, he was having immense back pain and he was diagnosed with Cirrhosis. A month after that, they found the mass and he was diagnosed with stage 3, inoperable pancreatic cancer. Knowing what I know now, thanks to our resources, the signs were all there. He declined very quickly and passed away 10 months after his fight begin.


This is My Story

Growing up, I had two older brothers. It always made me feel a little bit left out. But my dad… he was my best friend. We did everything together. When he’d get home from work, he’d stand me on his feet and walk around the house and dance with me. He supported every endeavor and was right by my side for everything. My dad is the reason that I am everything that I am. I owe many of my accomplishments to him and I will forever live a life that remembers him and makes him proud.


The Impact of Time

Since my dad passed, I am more accepting of the timing of my life and every day is an opportunity to uphold what my dad has taught me about being kind, hardworking, and patient. When my dad became sick, his overall health declined very quickly and we never got the chance to go on another adventure. I have promised him and myself to make time for the things I enjoy and the goals that I have. He will always be with me, through every new adventure and every simple day. I love you, dad.