My Story is about my cancer discovered in April 2021 my name is Franà§oise Pacini, I’m French, I live in south of France


This event took place from 04/13/2021 to


The Discovery

My cancer was discovered after a simple consultation with my doctor, I wasted no time after 3 days I was able to do a scanner which detected the tumor. Unfortunately I was not operable, I did several chemotherapy protocols, and radiosurgery with the cyber knife in France. for almost 19 months I have been fighting my roommate! I lost my hair, and I lost a lot of weight 25 kgs, but now I stabilized and my hair grew back.

The tumor is stable and I have learned to live with it.

I do a lot of walking, and my morale is good. I’m crossing my fingers my next scan is Nov 24th so I’m waiting for the next diagnosis to know where I am.

I believe in progress and in god, maybe on a misunderstanding I could survive this disease !!!

Life is beautiful and I enjoy every moment