María del Rosario, Anaité & Mayarí

Our story is about Miguel Hernà¡ndez, Marà­a del Rosario’s husband, Anaité and myself dad


This event took place from 11/29/2020 to 12/22/2020


The Discovery

In December 2020 Miguel Hernà¡ndez las diagnosed with urinary infeccià³n but symptoms (mid-back pain, indigestion) were still strong after medication. So he went with a gastroenterologist. He order several exams including: (CA19-9) exam and a tomography and that’s how it was diagnosed.


This is My Story

Our dad took good care of his health. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 1999 but due to how well he took care of himself he was told he didn’t need the insulin after a while. After that he controlled the high sugar with medicine, not insulin. In 2020 his sugar was high again, he was still on the same diet and medicine, he was not doing the same exercise he did before due to the pandemic. So he started doing exercise at home but the sugar wouldn’t go down. Late November he was told by the doctor to get some new exams and although a few things were not on the normal levels the doctor said it was all ok. Late November the mid-back pain started and indigestion the doctor said it was a urinary infection, but the symptoms were still strong and getting worse. So he went to a new doctor, a gastroenterologist, who ordered several exams including: (CA19-9) exam and a tomography and that’s when the doctor told my mom the news, this was December 17th. Our dad’s cancer was encapsulated on the pancreas tail and it had spread to the stomach. The doctor said not even an ultrasound would had detect it. Another doctor, a family friend told us it was too late and that we had little time, he said he might not make it to the next year, unfortunately he was right. I don’t think we understood how little time we had left, our dad died December 22nd. Not even a week after being diagnosed. He was a wonderful, wonderful man, we had the privilege to be with him all the time. We feel so much comfort that he didn’t suffer for a long time, but of course we wish we had so much more time with him. And that is why we want to share this story. You have to be informed to be able to act on time with this desease and we want to share with others so that other families can have more time with their beloved ones.


The Impact of Time

Time is everything. We had so little time with our dad. The diagnosis was made on December 17th and our dad died December 22. Not even a week from the diagnosis. We often wonder what would have happened if the symptoms started earlier and how much earlier they should have been, for us to be still together.