My Story is about my mother


This event took place from 12/05/2014 to 12/23/2015


The Discovery

My mother was having severe stomach pains. She had a schedule appointment to have a colonoscopy because she was having discomfort so the doctor scheduled her for one. A few days prior to appointment she experienced pain she couldn’t bear so we took her to hospital. Tests were run and that’s when the awful unprepared diagnosis was given. But who could ever be prepared. The location on the pancreas was inoperable unless it shrunk.


This is My Story

This unimaginable journey has made me strive to raise awareness for this horrid disease. I have been a purple stride members the last few years to raise money for a better future and turnout for those dealing with pancreatic cancer.. I hope to make my mother as proud as I am of her


The Impact of Time

Crazy enough even after losing my mother a year after diagnosis I still consider myself lucky because we knew for over a year and was able to spend those precious moments together. I know many aren’t as fortunate because they found out so late. Obviously the outcome wasn’t good because my mother loss her battle but the gift of time is precious. And I cherish my moments with her. Her outlook on life was incredible. She was one of the strongest people I ever met. She rarely ever complained even when I knew she was suffering. She stayed strong until her body couldn’t handle it anymore. She treasured the moments with all her loved ones.