My Story is about my Dad, Panos Dimitrakopoulos


This event took place from 06/02/2020 to 04/07/2021


The Discovery

We discovered that our Dad was suffering from Pancreatic Cancer randomly, right after the first Covid quarantine. He had lost weight significantly but we thought it was due to a diet he had been on for some time. He had a feeling that something might be wrong as he was feeling gradually weak.

This is My Story

Right after the quarantine, he visited his cardiologist for the regular check-up and prescription. The cardiologist suggested that our dad should undergo some medical tests because our dad’s eyes had become yellowish.
On June 2, 2020 our cancer journey started. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and by that time he had been considerably weak.
The tumor was big and on the head of pancreas, which made things dramatically bad. It could not be operated on and the health of our dad was so poor that he could undergo any treatment. We were told that he had up to 2 months.
God, though, had a different scheme. We found an experienced Oncologist and my dad had a stent implanted so that he could be relieved from the problems that jaundice had already created. Our dad regained his strength, the fatigue went away considerably and he was given some treatment; 6 rounds of chemo and 25 radiotherapies. The tumor shrank. His standard of living was good and hope rose again.

The Impact of Time

In February, 2021 the fatigue returned. At this point I have to talk about the bitter truth about the Medical System and Care in the region I live. It is nearly non- existent. Patients with cancer need to travel long distances to be hospitalised or given the proper treatment. Our doctor fought really hard to be able to import a treatment from USA. He never made it.
Our dad, who had been a devout Christian all his life, had set all his hopes to God. During all this time he got prepared, he was peaceful, calm and prayed. He did not want to live a day longer. His only wish was that we were peaceful, as well, and that he followed God’s will.
He passed away peacefully and serenely on April 7,2021, ten months after being diagnosed. My mum, my sister and I were present in the room and that is the most precious moment of my whole life.