My Story is about Bernadette Lowe, my brother Mark Bishop, cousin Peter, friends Annie,Virginia and others


This event took place from 03/01/2016 to 11/23/2022


The Discovery

It was too late for my brother. In 2016 he went in for surgery but it was too advanced and he died 16 weeks later. They hadn’t given him a definitive diagnosis up to that point. He was 48.
I was diagnosed eventually after having a sense something wasn’t right in my body. This was 2019, it recurred this year in my lung.
Ultrasound, CT scan, eventually found lesion with MRCP after much pushing and a surgeon who listened. Diagnosed with Endoscopic Ultrasound biopsy of the tumour. Unfortunately not a cyst.
My cancer this year was found on routine surveillance ct scan however in hindsight was overlooked for 12 months.


This is My Story

I’m 57 and in Jan 2022 moved to the Adelaide Hills for a fresh start. I have a loving husband and 2 amazing children who are actually young adults.
I am 1 of 6 siblings. My brother Mark died of pancreas cancer in 2016, he was 48, adored father of 4, 16 weeks from diagnosis to when he died.
It shattered our world.

My 1st cousin Peter also died of pancreatic cancer while he was young also. In 2019 his ex girlfriend died of same disease.

I had this sense of dread after she died that didn’t go away so I told my doctor something was wrong in my body. Ultrasound and CT showed slightly dilated pancreatic duct. MRCP found a “lesion” ? Cyst ? Tumour but only tiny. Endoscopic Ultrasound and biopsy confirmed it to be cancer. Our world was shocked that this could happen to our family again. Chemo, Whipples and more chemo and I was given the all clear. I thought it was too good to be true that I could be so lucky and I felt guilt. Surveillance CTs every 3 months, 6 months until in June 2022 a tumour was found in my lung. Biopsy confirmed it to be metastatic pancreatic cancer.

Our world had already been shattered and shocked, this time we had no words. I’m still well with no symptoms but the chemo is knocking my bone marrow around because of the amount I’ve had in the past.
I’m on a clinical trial which has shown some success so it would be devastating if I can’t continue because the drugs have accumulated and become toxic. I’ve attributed my healing and positive outlook to the love and support of family and friends. And meditation, appreciation, mindfulness, prayers, healings, visualisation, kiniseology, yoga, walking, NLP etc etc.
My parents have already lost 2 sons and one sister had breast cancer, it’s cruel for them at 87 & 89 to have to go through such heartbreak when they are already do unwell themselves.

I never lost my hair in 2019 but it was disastrous this year resulting in a wig named Raquel. Then the eyebrows and eye lashes! In this time a dear friend was also diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer but unfortunately it was very complex and she passed away after 8 weeks. I have another dear friend battling this disease at the same time, and another and I’ve known several others who have also died of this insidious disease.
There’s just too much of it around. I’ve had genetic testing to no avail. And I guess my frustration is that why is there no research on why this is happening, researching environment, diet, etc etc
You’ve all heard the story of Erin Brokovich well imagine if something could be identified and managed the other end instead of waiting for it to happen and then all we have is chemotherapy which had its limitations.


The Impact of Time

Every day is a gift and I don’t know how many lessons i need in life to be reminded of this because we just get on that cycle of life, of being, doing, business even with cancer treatments.
So daily meditation and gratitude’s and appreciation help ground me. Trust your instinct and make sure you keep telling the Dr something isn’t right until they listen or seek another opinion. It’s so often overlooked and not the first thing they look for when it should be. Back pain and just a nightly tummy every now and then are common symptoms of pancreas cancer and overlooked again and again,