My Story is about My mom, Joy Greisman Bonn


This event took place from to 05/06/2020


The Discovery

My mom was having discomfort and it didn’t feel like gastro problems so she was concerned so she went to the doctor.


This is My Story

My mother was my best friend. My dad, my brother, sister in law and her two sisters and five grandchildren- Jacob, Jordan, Peri, Harley and Dani were the light of her life. When she knew she would die, she always said she had a good life and grateful for her wonderful family. She was the matriarch of our family. She was my anchor and life has just not been the same. She was a true JOY to all!


The Impact of Time

The last few months with my mom were spent with family surrounding her. We would lay in bed together and have conversations we never had. I was able to hear what she wanted for her family once she passed.

I was able to be there and hold her hand when she passed.