My Story is about My Mother Barbara Kopf


This event took place from 01/30/2011 to 02/06/2011


The Discovery

It was discovered after my mother had to go for a PET scan. She was feeling sick weeks leading up to the discovery of Pancreatic Cancer. The doctors kept telling her it was flu like symptoms and when she wasn’t getting any better she went for a second opinion where they did lab work and other test and that is how it was discovered that she had pancreatic cancer but by the time is was discovered it was already Stage 4 she lasted about a week and unfortunately passed 12 days later after hearing the words cancer


The Impact of Time

The gift of time is precious as you never know what the next day is going to bring, I wish we had more time to research and learn more about pancreatic cancer while my mom was still here we may have seen the symptoms a lot sooner then we did.