My Story is about Walter Kerby my Husband of 50yrs


This event took place from 09/15/2016 to 11/05/2019


The Discovery

Walter’s color was bad I made him go to the VA ER in Portland Oregon they found a tumor at the head of his pancreas but it wasn’t cancerous yet after 3 biopsies it became cancer in the beginning one doctor said they could do a Whipple but the other doctor said no they wouldn’t do it even though my husband wanted the surgery they wouldn’t do it they said there was a possibility that he could die on the table they said I know or die in 2 years he still wanted the surgery but instead they gave him a death sentence. The chemo made him really sick he would break out in a rash run a fever the whole side of his stomach turn red and hard, every 2nd doses. he never got the third dose he’d always end up in the hospital. this went on for 18 months.


This is My Story

Walter was a Vietnam vet exposed to Agent Orange. I have no more story.


The Impact of Time

We went on as many trips as his strength would allow he was so sick then he slept most of the time. We visited our Children Grandkids, Great Grandkids,Brothers, Sisters and Cousins then we went to long Beach Wa. In September that was our last trip out. the last of October 2 of his Sisters and our 3 Sons came he past 11/05/2019