My story is about my Queen: My mom


This event took place from 25 March 2020 to 5 February 2021


The Discovery

It was discovered when I decided to take her to the Emergency Room.

This is My Story

My mom started having a rare stomach and back pain last year around March 2020. She would go to her doctor at the Community Clinic. She would tell the doctor about her pain and loss of appetite as well , but all they did was send her medicines. They would say ” try this medicine ” ,” maybe it’s this, maybe it’s that”, they even had the nerve to tell her “Maybe it’s something mental.”

My mom couldn’t sleep at night anymore.. it got to the point where she couldn’t handle the pain, so she would take Norco, tylenol, advil, ibuprofen 400mg just so it could help. Until , the medicines were not helping anymore. She started losing her appetite. She would drink tea, eat yogurt, but nothing.
Until one day her primary doctor sent her to get an MRI. The doctor at the MRI center, told me to take her to the ER. To not pay attention to what her primary doctor tells her. To just take her straight to the hospital because this seems like Cancer.
Even tho he said that, I called her primary doctor to notify him of the situation. He said “to not pay attention to him, that he didn’t know what he was talking about, to wait 2 weeks for her next appointment with him.”

I didn’t wait. I couldn’t help seeing my mom in horrible pain. It was devastating seeing my bestfriend, my all , suffering from this undetectable disease.
When I took her to the ER, she was there for a while.
The doctor told me what this was. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. My dad & myself were in absolute shock. We never expected this to be Cancer. When she was released to us, she was fragile, she would hardly talk or eat, she would sleep alot.
Her neurologist Sent her sooo much medicine it was unbelievable how much she had to take. When she would take her Morphine , she was hallucinating alot! It was scary. On the night of February 4, 2021, she was back. She was perfect. She started talking like nothing was happening. She even said she didn’t want to take anymore medicine because all she would do is sleep and couldn’t watch her favorite television shows haha.
That night she told my dad if he could make dinner for the 3 of us so we could eat together & watch TV. I gave her a shower, brushed her hair, put perfume on. She loved smelling good haha.

February 5, 2021 10:50am.
I woke up and she recognized me , my dad asked her ” who is that walking in?” She said ” that’s my baby, that’s my daughter ” . 11:00am, she started feeling alone of pain again, she didn’t want to take her morphine like the doctor recommended for pain. When she finally took it, she kept moving around on the bed, she was really cold, she told us that ” she was going to die” …. we got scared, we didn’t know what to do but to tell her to lay down and relax.
When we told her that, when she laid down… she took two long breaths… then we couldn’t see her breathing anymore.
My dad turned her around and that was it. . We called 911 , they came , they did EVERYTHING EVERYTHING to help…… they told us she was gone.
We were devastated .. we felt our lives crumbling into pieces..

Throughout that pain, we were grateful that she was able to spend her last days with us. Her family. She was surrounded by love & joy. Even though it was tought, we tried our best to keep a smile on and push thru.
We tried making her laugh, we would treat her like nothing was wrong.

My queen was gone.
Now it’s just my dad & me pushing thru life. The entire family is in Colombia so my mom was our rock.

Pancreatic Cancer has a shock over me. It’s dangerous.

The Impact of Time

It happened so fast. One day my mom is singing & dancing , and in a blink of an eye.. she was laying down, sleeping all the time due to the stomach & back pain she had. It was just fast.

Sadly, this was detected late. When I took her to the Emergency room, the doctor called me saying she was already in stage 4 of Pancreatic Cancer. We didn’t know the symptoms, we never imagined a stomach pain would be Cancer. I took her to the hospital on January 7, 2021. She spent the days in the hospital alone because of covid. We couldn’t visit her so it was hard for us. We had the blessing of her getting released from the hospital, to spend her last 2 weeks with us. She spent it at home with her family, with the people that loved/loves her, in her own bed, her own home.