My Story is about My dad Rogelio “Roy” Garcia


This event took place from 14 August 2020 to 21 October 2021


The Discovery

My father had pain in his back so he went in to get it checked out. They didn’t find anything. He went back in because the whites of his eyes and skin tone was turning very yellow. His bile duct was blocked and they put in a stent to help it. Then they found the mass that was growing on the head of the pancreas in august 2020 he underwent chemo therapy treatment once every two weeks right away in sept of 2020 and after that radiation treatment everyday for about a month and was finished with all treatment June 2021. Passed away October 21 2021

This is My Story

I never thought my dad would pass away from cancer. Cancer doesn’t Discriminate, it doesn’t care how old the person is or what nationality they are. I think people should be aware of pancreatic cancer just as they are aware of breast cancer. When my father was diagnosed that was the first time I heard about pancreatic cancer so I had no clue how vicious it was. And not all symptoms are the same. If any type of cancer is present in other family members you need to be checked regularly to catch it before it is to late. I wish the medical field was advanced enough to catch it before it is to late.

The Impact of Time

I think early detection would have worked for him. He has a long family history of cancer and he was the first with pancreatic cancer. The lord blessed us with 15 months of hardly any suffering. Chemo treatment was a breeze, no nausea and he could still do what he loved to do, work on cars. His appetite changed a little down the line. Foods tasted sweeter and he became full quicker. I will forever tell my fathers journey with pancreatic cancer, and how lucky I was to get 15 months with him from his diagnoses. I feel terrible for the lives lost so quickly and the families left behind in shock, not knowing what the heck just happened.