My Story is about My mum: Rosa Mari


This event took place from 1 November 2019 to 22 December 2019


The Discovery

My mum pancreatic cancer was discovered on November 2019. She went to the primary care center for abdominal pain. She was diagnosed with kidney stones and underwent treatment. However, the pain persisted. They took her from one doctor to another, many tests but no clear diagnosis. In the end, he began to have tenths of a fever and then they did a CT scan where they saw a tumor in the ovaries.

The following days, he went to speak with the oncologist and they saw that the cancer was not of the ovaries, but of the pancreas, but that there was metastasis in the ovaries, intestines, and lungs. This diagnosis was devastating.

My mother, on the other hand, accepted it from the first moment. There was no option to do any treatment because it was useless. They gave her 6 months at the most. That same week, a thrombus appeared in her leg and she had to be admitted. A week after being admitted, she died at the age of 55.

To all this, we were very unhappy with the medical care. My mother suffered a loss of weight 2 years ago but they did not do many tests, the least. She also had pancreatitis when she was young. They also did not take it into account when she complained of back pain.

These symptoms are overlooked today. That is why it is so important to raise awareness and inform people about this deadly type of cancer. For my mother it was late, but I hope that in a few years, this will help other people to be saved.


This is My Story

When images of her come to me in the hospital, I try to look at this photo and move back to that day. She was so happy watching her favorite music group … I was so happy seeing her happy! I hope one day I can meet you again. I love you mum.


The Impact of Time

The value of time is the most important thing. My mum died in a month since it was detected. My sisters and I didn’t have time to accept his illness. The role of early detection in my story was the most important thing. She had the symptoms years ago. If she would have been cared for by trained professionals, perhaps the cancer could have been treated, although it is a very deadly cancer.

From this day, I try to live day per day, but the society is not made for this… I appreciate all the time I spent with my mum, even when she was at the hospital with palliative treatment.

One of the things I said to my mother when she was recently diagnosed was that: “we still have many things to see and experience.” But she knew deep down that it wasn’t going to be like this.

Time is treasure.