Member Profile: Pancare Foundation

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Pancare Foundation in Australia was established in 2011 to improve patient outcomes in a variety of ways. Its flagship event is the Walk for Hope

Born out of a desire to see better outcomes for people fighting pancreatic cancer, Australia’s Pancare Foundation was established in 2011 by prominent Melbourne-based surgeon Dr. Mehrdad Nikfarjam.

“I could see that improving outcomes was dependent on better research,” Dr. Nikfarjam said. “Facing a pancreatic cancer diagnosis can be an incredibly isolating experience — our hope is that by connecting with Pancare, no one has to face it alone. Pancare was established to be a voice for those affected by the cancer — by advocating for new treatments and early detection, supporting research and good clinical trials in addition to patient support services.“

In Australia, the five-year survival rate is just 8.7 percent — a figure which constantly drives the Pancare team to take up the challenge to deliver better outcomes.

In 2019, Pancare will expand and launch key services that will impact more Australians fighting the disease. The foundation supports a Familial Pancreatic Cancer Screening program with two major hospitals for individuals recognized as being at higher risk of developing the disease. The goal is to expand this service to other major hospitals throughout the country. Also launched will be a Pancreatic Cancer Specialist Nurse to provided dedicated support from diagnosis and throughout treatment for people fighting the disease.

Also in store for 2019 is the foundation’s flagship event, the Walk for Hope, taken national — giving people impacted by pancreatic cancer a chance to walk in hope for a better future.