Member Profile: Korean Pancreatic Cancer Network

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Korean Pancreatic Cancer Network (KPCN) was founded in 2015 by pancreatic surgeons in Korea. The organization’s leaders have come to realize that fighting pancreatic cancer in hospitals and operating rooms is not enough. Public awareness of pancreatic cancer in Korea remains low, making the patients’ and doctors’ struggle against pancreatic cancer a lonely one. KPCN is determined to make the fight against pancreatic cancer in Korea everybody’s fight.

To accomplish this goal, the organization began to take small steps inspired by the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition (WPCC). It held its first World Pancreatic Cancer Day campaign in November 2015 and has done so every year since. Along with the main campaign event, KPCN encourages hospitals across the nation to give lectures on pancreatic cancer to patients and the public to spread knowledge and increase awareness. Every year, about 35 hospitals participate in this campaign.

As of today, KPCN is a small organization working with other academic societies to raise pancreatic cancer awareness to patients and the public. Also, the campaign is relatively small compared to other cancer campaigns, such as the pink ribbon campaign. However, KPCN is only at the very beginning of its journey and will continue to make small steps. Next year, KPCN will again organize its World Pancreatic Cancer Day campaign and is confident that this every small step will increase the awareness of pancreatic cancer in Korea. KPCN looks forward to working closely and collaborating with WPCC and expanding activities in Korea.