Member Profile: KEFI

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The KEFI team at an event to raise cancer awareness.


The Athens Association of Cancer Patients “KEFI” was established in spring 2004 by cancer survivors who decided to dedicate their time and spirit to support cancer patients and their families.

What’s in a name?

Kefi (κέφι) in Greek means gusto or zeal; taking after its namesake, KEFI aims at changing the common view that disease can wear out both the patients’ body and psyche. This premise is challenged daily by all our members offering moral support to anyone fighting with cancer.

The driving idea behind KEFI is to offer patient support that goes beyond simply going through the motions. KEFI has the following principles:
To face the social stigma associated with the disease and its treatment.
To develop a spirit of solidarity and mutual support in favor of the psychological and social rehabilitation of the oncological patients.
To raise awareness of cancer prevention and treatment and to ultimately communicate the message that cancer is not invincible.

Staying true to these principles, KEFI offers psychological and social support to cancer patients and their family and trains volunteers to develop skills for supporting patients and caregivers.
Every year KEFI hosts various conferences and seminars, raising awareness of medical developments on cancer treatment and cancer prevention.  The most important project of KEFI, “Support @Home”, focuses on the provision of psychosocial support by specialized psychologists and social workers to terminal and/or disabled patients in their homes. KEFI also offers gymnastics classes for cancer patients to help them cope with their harsh therapies and weakened body, as well as other activities. KEFI is a member of multiple umbrella-organizations, namely CML Advocates Network, DiCE, ECPC, ENGAGe, EULAP, LuCE, WPCC, and collaborates with the German organization Outdoor Against Cancer (OaC). KEFI, is keen on raising awareness of pancreatic cancer, and has launched a special application (Pancare for both Android and IOS) and website for Greek patients. We will be delighted to join forces with the WPCC, which is an excellent global forum to trade ideas and provide and share support in the form of know-how, visibility and best practices. Our goal is to achieve an even greater reach to cancer patients and a more meaningful impact through a tightly knit collaboration with the WPCC.