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Inspire2Live (I2L), located in the Netherlands, is an international movement founded in 2011 by the people who also started charity events like Alpe d’HuZes, currently Holland’s biggest charity action. All these charities are targeted toward one single goal: getting cancer under control. To achieve this, the organization also strives to change and improve the way global cancer research is organized and executed. I2L is a platform consisting of approximately 30 patient advocates, bringing together patients, doctors, scientists, the industry and government to work on the challenges to get cancer under control. I2L works for all cancers, but since pancreatic cancer is still one of the deadliest cancers, it is of special interest. One of I2L’s goals is speeding up the process for new therapies in pancreatic cancer. Of particular focus is whole genome sequencing for all pancreatic cancer patients to see whether their tumor cells have actionable mutations for which precision medicine is available and the right choice of targeted treatment. With its membership in the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition, I2L hopes to expand its network and find new collaborations for common goals.