Member Profile: Europacolon Slovenija

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Members of the EuropaColon Slovenija board of directors

EuropaColon Slovenija, founded in 2007, is part of an umbrella organization called Digestive Cancers Europe. It is located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. As evident from the name, the organization began with a focus on colorectal cancer patients, but today all digestive cancers are included, with a particular focus on pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer has the lowest five-year relative survival rate at a mere 4 percent, having remained the same for the last 40 years. That is the main reason the organization has started activities in this area.

Its main goal is to raise awareness within the general public about this cancer, in hopes that more patients can be diagnosed in early stages with a better chance of long-term survival. Also, educating healthcare professionals ranks high among the priorities of EuropaColon Slovenija.

As a part of the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition, EuropaColon Slovenija is eager to gain knowledge and share ideas with other member organizations about awareness campaigns, fundraising, patient support programs, pancreatic cancer care, etc.

A nationwide awareness campaign is currently in development that will include the Demand Better theme. The organization’s leaders would appreciate hearing the experiences and suggestions of others in order to be more successful.