My Story is about my My mother-in-law, Tammy


The Discovery

Her cancer was discovered after a few visits to the emergency room for stomach pain. She was originally diagnosed with ulcers, but had a feeling it was something more, so she pushed for more help.


This is My Story

My daughter never got the chance to meet her paternal grandmother, so I make sure to make an extra effort to have her know and visit her remaining grandparents and great grandparents. I make sure she knows how much she would have been loved by her grandma, and that she knows stories and things about her. Just because someone is gone doesn’t mean their love and memories are. Wearing purple on World Pancreatic Cancer day is a way we can honor her love and memory together.


The Impact of Time

Every time I get frustrated, or short on patience with a loved one I stop and remember how lucky I am that I still have them in my life. I have the constant reminder that life can be very short, and it should be lived as I want to live it, not just sit back and wait for “the perfect time” to do things.