My Story is about Me

The Discovery

It was discovered while on holiday celebrating being in remission from breast cancer,
one of my daughters said “Mum your skin is yellow”. I then knew that something was really wrong. I used to be a nurse, so I was hoping for a blocked bile duct caused by a gallstone because I knew the alternative was pancreatic cancer and that was a death sentence.

This is My Story

i don’t think my story is that unique, but if sharing it just helps one person going forward then that makes me really happy.

The Impact of Time

My outlook on time has changed dramatically since being diagnosed. I try to make everyday count in some way. I also try to make as many memories as I can with the people I love. I try to use my time helping as many people as I can. Initially, I was very lucky and was diagnosed at stage 2B. Which enabled me to have a Whipples Procedure and 6 months of Chemotherapy, then nearly 2 years of remission before my cancer came back stage 4.

Time is the biggest gift you can give a person suffering from cancer, in my opinion. It enables you to not only get practical things sorted like your will, finances etc but it also allows you to spend time with the people you love.