My Story is about My Dad, Brian Richard Jones

This event took place from 31 Jan 2012 to 26 May 2012

The Discovery

Pancreatic Cancer was discovered after my Dad’s continual visit to a Doctor with 3 symptoms:

1. Weight Loss
2. Back Pain
3. Heart Burn

Further tests would reveal a mass on his Pancreas.

Attempted Whipple surgery was conducted on the 5th February – to no avail – the mass had wrapped around his portal vein – he was told to “get his affairs in order”

17 biopsies, countless blood tests, testing of ascites fluid in his stomach – could not truly diagnosis him – Yet the Doctor’s 99% opinion it was pancreatic cancer was evident on his death certificate.

This is My Story

My life changed forever on the 31st January 2012.

My Dad visited me and sat me down on the lounge and uttered the words “I have Pancreatic Cancer”

What the hell was Pancreatic Cancer I thought to myself? I hit Dr Google and I knew my Dad had no chance – in 2012 a mere 5% survived.

Knowing he was so fit, I thought he stood a chance

“Why doesn’t anyone know about this cancer?” Was a continual thought in my mind

I would soon learn that his failed Whipple surgery , inconclusive biopsies and countless blood test should have flagged us all to his impending death His ascites riddled stomach resembled like a keg – he looked 9 months pregnant. Nurses would hydrate Dad via a drip, his stomach would grow larger and the 2 taps strategically placed on either side of his stomach, drained this fluid – only to start the cycle over and over again.

I wish I didn’t demand my Dad into Palliative Care to ensure his last days were as dignified as him, as I wish i had more TIME with him.

I wish I knew that my Dad would be gone in just 120 days – so I could tell him I loved him one more time.

My aim now is to ensure Pancreatic Cancer Matters too in his memory

Thank you for your TIME

The Impact of Time

Time is SOOOOO precious – something we never had with our Dad.

120 days is all it took to take my Dad.

Do I have regrets? Yes – if only I had pushed Doctors more – If only I had demanded more testing. If only specialist appointments were expedited due to a Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis – all these appointments take TIME

TIME is all my Father deserved

Just one more birthday
Just one more Fathers Day
Just one more Christmas
Just one more I LOVE YOU