My Story is about my Me


This event took place from 16 October 2019 until now


The Discovery

During a scan before an emergency peratinitus operation.


This is My Story

I was diagnosed too late, I guess I had symptoms for at least 18 months before my diagnosis. My cancer was only discovered during an emergency operation. If it hadn’t been discovered I know I wouldn’t be here now. Due to the excellent care of my nurses & doctors who are keeping me alive my tumour is stable but u operable I am able to enjoy my time with family & friends although I am very tired after 46 cycles of chemotherapy. Time to ne is important & making people aware of the symptoms is important.


The Impact of Time

Time is a gift, I was diagnosed 2 years ago, I have had 46 cycles of Folfirnox & 6 weeks of radiotherapy & exploration in 2 years. My gift is the treatment is keeping me alive, allowing me with time with my loved ones.