My story is about Lina, my mother.

This event took place from 08 Aug 2019 to 10 Feb 2020

The Discovery

Pancreatic cancer was discovered due to rapid weight loss not attributable to other causes. The other symptoms that led us to deepen were nausea and fatigue. On 8 August my mom performed an abdominal ultrasound and a CT scan that confirmed a pancreatic mass localized to the tail body of the pancreas, locally advanced. In September, tumor markers and biopsy confirmed stage four pancreatic adenocarcinoma diagnosis.

This is My Story

Mine is the story of a daughter who lost her most important person. But, also, is the story of a brave woman who fought to the last.
My mother was a woman who at the time she knew was being convicted of cancer fought for herself and for the patients like her. During the illness we supported each other, her strength helped me not to fall.  Her courage still accompanies us today, although she is no longer with us. One day i asked her how I could live without her, and she said “you can do anything because you’re my daughter”. In conclusion I think we must continue to fight pancreatic cancer for the patients of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The Impact of Time

For the period of the illness the time was not enough, for the cure, the medical checks, to look after my mom, make her food, help her dress up.It was a fight against time. When we came to the end, time became more precious. If i think of Mom’s last month I would have wanted, with all my strength, to stop time. Time is really a gift, because she and i had little time to talk to each other, to live there, to be mother and daughter and make so many experiences that we thought life gave us. So if you are aware that time is short, try to take advantage od every second.