My story is about Engr. Emmanuel Nwaneke Sr.

The Discovery

My dad was first diagnosed with the disease in March of 2020, he had done some series of tests prior, but none showed any signs of pancreatic cancer, I remember he was always in pain until he did another test later that year when a growth in the form of a tumor was noticed in his pancreas.

This is My Story

My dad was my hero, he came from a poor background but made sure we had everything he couldn’t have and I’ll always remember the love he shared with us, his memory will always live in us.

The Impact of Time

The death of my dad really changed my view on things, life being one of them, the amount of “time” we all have being another one.

Time indeed is something we should all take more seriously as we only have one life and what we do with it all depends on us.

If we had known how serious the disease was and how early detection played a major role towards curing pancreatic cancer, my dad may still be alive today, the lack of awareness in my country has however motivated me to startup a foundation to create awareness about this lethal disease.

Time really is a gift and its the impact we make that truly matters.