My Story is about my mom, Marge Kraynak

The Discovery

My mom was having bad stomach pains when she would eat. She went to the emergency room for tests in Feb of 2005 and passed away 2 months later on April 20, 2005

This is My Story

When my mom was diagnosed in 2005, I had no clue what a pancreas was. Since her untimely death, I became involved as a volunteer with PanCAN for the past 14 yrs and even though the process has been slow going from a 5% survival rate to 10%, that still seems unreal in today’s world of modern technology. Seeing the hopelessness in my mother’s eyes when she was told she had this deadly cancer is something that no loved one should have to endure. She was my rock in life and to this day, I miss her more than I could even begin to try and describe here.