My Story is about My husband

This event took place from 07 Oct 2004 to 07 Oct 2005

The Discovery

Ron was diagnosed with Head and Neck cancer in 2004. After he completed radiation, he was given a clean bill of health. However, the side effects of treatment seemed to linger: nausea, vomiting and fatigue. When he became jaundiced, we started to have more tests done and he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Fall of 2004.

This is My Story

My husband Ron was 59 years old when he died from pancreatic cancer. Ron had always lived his life to its fullest and it was from his example that I learned to savor every moment. Following his diagnosis, I was in awe of how hard he struggled through a grueling 12 months of pain, nausea and the debilitating indignities of this brutal disease. Had he been lucky enough to have his cancer detected early, we believe he would have had more time with us. By the time he was diagnosed and went in for a Whipple procedure, the surgeon was unable to help him, as the cancer had already spread to his liver. Still, we savored each day together.

Ron insisted on traveling in between chemo appointments and spending every minute possible with family. It all culminated in our last family trip to his beloved “Lake Winnie” in New Hampshire. It was there that we gently lifted him into the last boat he would ever own, which he aptly named “More Time.” While we cruised gently through the waters that brought him peace we shared an unspoken sense of sadness at the moments that would never be, the grandchildren he would never meet. I will always be grateful to him for setting such a memorable example for our family. He taught me and our children that time is the biggest gift of all. Not a day should be taken for granted.

It is our duty to our loved ones, for those who have lost their voices, to fight as hard as them, for better survival rates and a cure…for it is always about time.

The Impact of Time

A few years after Ron’s death, I started the Ron Foley Foundation to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research. Our goal is to give others the precious time that we didn’t have.