My Story is about my Abuela.


This event took place from 8 May 2016 until 2 December 2016


The Discovery

It took about 6 months and it all took place in Mexico. She went back home after a week stay because of her sister, who was once again diagnosed with stomach cancer and won the battle. She lost a lot of weight and strength which is why all her children pushed her to see a doctor. After about 6 months, she was too weak, and maybe 2 or so of her diagnoses were HepB/C because of her jaundice and nothing else was discovered until they got a look at her pancreas. She was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was five about 3 months, if that, to live.


This is My Story

The 3 months she was given were cut short. After her diagnosis, maybe a few days after she worsened. She had bike spreading and had to be drained. She was given the option to spend the rest of her time in the hospital or at home. She decided to go home. This gave her and her children to spend time. She had some places, places where she would connect with god, that she wanted to visit. Although extremely tired and needing the help of everyone, she was able to visit most of those places she desired before she passes. After her diagnosis, she was with us for less than a month before she passed on 12/02/2016. She passed away in her sleep, but we do know that at that point all the bad stuff had spread to her brain.


The Impact of Time

I know you all have more positive stories, or early detection. Unfortunately for my grandma, she had neither. I hear all these different stories but they all have the best patient care possible because of their country. I believe that if she would have gotten taken care of here in the US that maybe, just maybe, she could have had a little more time.