Ana Paloma

The Discovery

Testimony of our founders, Carmen Delgado and Olga Lamarca in words of her son Nico and her sister Marta Lamarca respectively. Olga and Carmen did not have time to share their story, so their beloved ones tell us how they learnt to enjoy the gift of live. This video is a personal testimony, in first person, from letters that Carmen and Olga wrote a few months before they passed away.

This is My Story

The two videos with our founders testimonies are available in our Youtube channel:

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The Impact of Time

Pancreatic cancer changed everything for Carmen and Olga. However it also brought a lot into their lives. It gave them a different pespective of life. It helped to value those things that really matter. The dissease made them wiser and better people. It help them prioritize things like solidarity, and help them become stronger. But all these learnings are meaningless without TIME to practice them and to enjoy live. Pancreatic cancer took it away from them.