My Story is about my older brother Richard Millar, Jr.


The Discovery

My brother Richard had been attending hospital for over 18 months complaining of shoulder pain, itching, weight loss, stomach and back pain also with toilet problems – but every time he went they said he was fine. He was at A&E during the last week of July 2020 the doctor said his bloods came back ok and all vital organs were fine. On the 10th August 2020 was the last time he was taken away in an ambulance to hospital. He was in severe pain. They took biopsies and a few days later they diagnosed my brother with pancreatic cancer.  They said it had spread rapidly and that there was nothing they could do. My brother deteriorated very quickly and passed away 4 weeks later, he was only 42. Richard was a hard working fit young man. He did attend the hospital because he knew there was something wrong, but we personally feel that they missed all the signs and my brother was neglected.


The Impact of Time

Time is very crucial. If you have any symptoms at all I feel that you need to push for answers so that you can be treated. Unfortunately for my brother he did have the symptoms and did attend hospital but they failed to detect the cancer. Because we were never aware off the symptoms of pancreatic cancer and never knew that much detail about it we never knew how fatal it can be. TIME IS A GIFT.