Member Profile: The Elizabeth Coteman Fund



The Elizabeth Coteman Fund was established in 2010 upon the death of beloved wife and mother Elizabeth Coteman from pancreatic cancer, to support those with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and their families. The charity also provides a legacy for a wonderful woman. Their main areas of focus include supporting the best possible quality of life for those affected by a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, both individuals and families. It does this by providing, friendship, advocacy, emotional support, problem solving, financial grants, and bereavement support. The Fund also works in partnership with the research community, at two key UK locations, to support work into earlier diagnosis, better treatment options, enhanced pain management, and a better understanding of post-surgical gastroenterological issues. They are looking forward to working on common goals with the WPCC and continuing to be a WPCC member.

21/06/13 Gerald Coteman and his son Mark Coteman , who are both doing a triathlon for charity . Picture by David Johnson .

Ongoing Projects

Their current 3-year plan includes one central theme; namely to raise the profile of, and improve support for, the psychological and emotional impact of pancreatic cancer. Their aim is to encourage the adoption of early implemented holistic assessments throughout the NHS in the UK, with a strong emphasis on psycho-social support pathways – for patients and families.

You can support the Elizabeth Coteman Fund by continuing to maintain high profile campaigns world-wide for earlier diagnosis, better treatment options, and psychological and emotional support.

To learn more about the Elizabeth Coteman Fund, visit their Member Page