Member Profile: NIPANC


Northern Ireland Pancreatic Cancer (NIPANC) was set up in August 2018 and has its roots in a group of people affected by pancreatic cancer coming together for support and to raise funds to promote better diagnosis and treatment for future patients.  The charity’s work brings together families who have suffered losses from pancreatic cancer, families who are currently facing a diagnosis and survivors of the disease. NIPANC concentrates its research funding in Northern Ireland, working collaboratively with other charities to fund vital research and promote early diagnosis of the disease. NIPANC gives a stronger voice to families affected by pancreatic cancer in Northern Ireland. NIPANC is working to improve the outcomes of pancreatic cancer by:

  • Increasing public understanding of this cancer
  • Promoting awareness of the cancer’s signs and symptoms by both medical professionals and members of the public
  • Funding vital research
  • Supporting patients and their families

Ongoing Projects

In November 2022, NIPANC launched the first digital game to promote public awareness of pancreatic cancer; a joint event with researchers from Queen’s University Belfast and Focus Games Ltd. The free-to-use digital game aimed at informing as many people as possible about the disease in a more accessible way.

The game can be accessed here:

NIPANC is currently developing another serious game for medical staff including nursing, doctors and pharmacy.

During the next year, they are working with the WPCC to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer in their part of the world as a recent survey conducted by NIPANC revealed an 86% increase in people being diagnosed with the disease. The audit published on Tuesday 9 May, was funded by local pancreatic cancer charity NIPANC with the audit work undertaken by the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry (NICR) at Queen’s University Belfast in partnership with HPB clinical staff in the Belfast Trust:

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