Member Profile: My Everest ODV

Luigino Sala, with a beloved landscape of mountains, the founder of My Everest.
My Everest ODV, standing for “Organizzazione di Volontariato” (Voluntary Organization), is a non-profit association based in Rivolta D’Adda, Italy. Established in 2015 from the idea of Luigino Sala, who was sadly dying of pancreatic cancer, with a vision to empower individuals and communities into believing in scientific research, the organization draws inspiration from the Everest mountain, symbolizing the challenges that people with cancer face and the heights they can reach with the right support. Their payoff is what Luigino always said: “I hope, I dream, I live” in order to encourage supporting scientific research.


The association wants to be the reference for pancreatic cancer patients and has two main goals:
  • Provide information on the disease with particular attention to clinical trials, new therapies and prevention
  • Support scientific research projects through fundraising.

Ongoing Projects

Thanks to the support received so far, the Association has been able to finance the presence of a data manager involved in the analysis of specific clinical studies on pancreatic cancer at the Pancreas Center of the IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele in Milan, and supported an important research project on personalized medicine, PACT-21. They are very proud to be members of the WPCC.

Every year is a great pleasure to join the WPCC’s campaign and post information through their social media channels according to WPCC guidelines. Our goal is the same as the WPCC: spreading information to the population to teach how to recognize pancreatic cancer in a very early stage and increase the opportunities to treat it.

To learn more about the My Everest ODV, visit their Member Page


                  Dr. Michele Reni and Dr. Silvia Romi, the datamanager financed by us, showing My Everest payoff as testimonials.               Mrs Monica Rozzoni - My Everest President and Luigino Sala wife - together with Dr. Michele Reni anche Prof. Massimo Falconi from Pancreas Center from IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan, Italy