Member Profile: Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer

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Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer is an online platform that breaks down barriers between patients, doctors, and researchers so that everyone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer has easy access to the latest information about the best treatment options. Instead of sharing dismal statistics, Let’s Win inspires hope in patients and families by sharing stories of long-term survivors.

With a dynamic new website, we are making it easier for patients to find the information they need for the pancreatic cancer journey.

How We Started

When public relations executive Anne Glauber was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer in 2014, she found that one of the most devastating issues in pancreatic cancer was a dearth of information available to patients on potentially life-extending treatments. She vowed to address this void, and together with her medical team created Let’s Win, which launched in May 2016. Anne passed away in 2017 but Let’s Win lives on as her legacy, continuing to grow and to reach more pancreatic cancer patients, caregivers, and doctors.

Under the leadership of Founding Executive Director Cindy Gavin, the website has grown from 15 stories at launch to more than 650 articles about all aspects of treatment and life with pancreatic cancer. We have featured the work of more than 170 pancreatic cancer experts from over 80 institutions. We have also shared the amazing work being led by more than 15 advocacy partners. Over 200 patients have told their stories and we have produced over 50 videos featuring long-term survivors.

Leading the Way Forward

As an online program we reach patients through a dynamic website and robust social media program in both English and Spanish. Our place within the pancreatic cancer community is a communications voice. We amplify the work of researchers, share stories of patients undergoing different treatments, educate patients and families about pancreatic cancer, and explain ways to manage life during treatment.

Our new website includes tools that make it easier for all patients to access information. We have special features for newly diagnosed patients, people at higher risk because they have diabetes,  and interactive diagrams that explain the symptoms and stages of pancreatic cancer.

Too often when patients are diagnosed they are told to get their affairs in order because not much can be done. Our mission is to raise awareness and reach all newly diagnosed patients and provide them with actionable information they can bring to their doctors.

To view Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer’s new website, click here.