AMLCC Celebrating World Pancreatic Cancer Day 


AMLCC was founded in 1972 by the Secretary of Health, with the objective of seeking support for the program’s fight against cancer. The organization is focused on 4 areas: Information and/or education, prevention & timely detection, support & guidance for patients, and the incidence in public politics.

The AMLCC started a movement called “Juntos contra el cancer,” with related organizations on the theme of cancer in Mexico City, and 4  years ago, we  invited all the organizations throughout the Mexican Republic with two main objectives:Give an answer to the patient needs and to promote changes in the health policies that affect the country with cancer, with a focus on community policy.

As an organization that sees all kinds of cancer, the WPCC has helped us better understand and have more information about pancreatic cancer in particular, which is a type of cancer that is less commonly known in Mexico.

Over the next year, we seek to make a more formal campaign with WPCC, on the risk factors and symptoms of cancer so a more precise diagnosis can be made at an earlier stage in the disease.